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Sunday, November 15, 2009
Ohh, boyy.

hello, i'm back. haha.
this few days had been a hectic one for me. many things happened. aiyyoyyo..
i'm so fcked up by his attitude . who do you think you are ?
you're so rude. you don't care about others. damn you!arg.
i will FOREVER hate you la asshole. __
okay, let's not talk about that anymore.. -.-
yesterday went to diy house to visit my grandparents.they look so happy there. hopefully they won't move house again . *prays* diy was not at home.. T.T , she's out with her friends. hahaa. nevermind. i ransack her room yesterday. haha. took some of her revision stuffs & books. i plan to start my revisions now. wanna work hard!
hmm.. 'someone' wants me to write about him at my blog. hahahaa
tk tahu malu tol hehehe.he's sick.. kesian tol. boohoo. LOL. cepat-cepat baik yee.
i don't know whats he's doing right now, wanna text him, but scared if im disturbing him. nevermind uh..don't care.
will be meeting tu anak tmrw i guess?
&&i can't wait for dad to give me some $$ ! hahaa i wanna go shoopping badly sia.
guess i will be going with my sis? .. ican'twait.ican'twait.ican'twait!
ohno.. now did i realise that i got soreeyes. aiyooooooo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Ohh, boyy.

Hmm,, i have been spending my time at home for the past few days.
did'nt go out. was not in the mood and was daaamn lazy.
been chatting with some of my babes and dudes at msn. funfunfun. hahaha

to someone:
why were u acting so differently now?
o.0? u've changed all of a sudden..
i was shocked when u said that.

bored right now. i don't know where's my love had gone to? senyap je.. '-.-
.. nevermind. skipskip.
tomorrow gonna get my papers back. damn scared sia.T.T

kay. will post again soon. bye assholes! :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009
Ohh, boyy.
hahahaha. see that girl up there beside me? ^^
that's my sister. :D today is her birthday. ohmy.. da 20 years old.
da tue da. hehe.
to my dearest sister,
happy birthday to you! hope you enjoy ur birthday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Ohh, boyy.

Just reached home from school. Damn tired .
Just now school was okay i guess? i acted kinda weird.
was having moodswings & was not feeling well. don't know why..
hai.. blahblah.EOY exams starts tomorrow. haha. think i'm ready i guess..
just have to do my best. huhu. will not be updating AGAIN . will do a proper post after exams. bye assholes

Friday, September 25, 2009
Ohh, boyy.

wohoooooooo. look what i found people.
great or what sia. can't wait to watch it!
hot pe jacob! :D *winks* lol ilike,ilike.
:D . sorry if i have not been updating frequently. l.a.z.y.
hahaahaa. && here are some pics taken during hari rayyaaaaaaa. :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Ohh, boyy.
kay.. i decided to delete my previous post.
seems to be too harsh..
i will just forgive and forget arh.
thks to all who counsel me. sayaang krg :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Ohh, boyy.
I'm so tired of all this.
I'm gonna back off and keep a low-profile now.


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